December 2nd, 2012


December is a pretty hectic month for all of us, so come on by the Kyoto Jungle on Thursday, December 13 to enjoy some holiday cheer, delicious refreshments, and of course, the chance to cop awesome vitaminTHICK gear at even awesomer prices.
We also plan on launching our brand new Holiday/Winter 2012 “Brown Bag” cut and sew collection, so you could be in for some exclusive ish.
With the sonic equivalent of putting the star on the tree or lighting the 8th candle, the homie DJ Goulet “Da Grinch” will be gifting us with sought after sounds as part of his Hov-esque run in the Kyoto Jungle workshop.

See y’all there!




October 29th, 2012

Back at the end of September, vitaminTHICK worked with a number of like minded, motivated individuals to put on Schoolyard Sessions: A Field Day for Grown Ups.

After months of planning, the event went quite smoothly.  There were copious amount of games, VitaCoco, music, competition, and positives vibes.

Fun was had by all in attendance, and we raised some significant funds and awareness for the Wildflower Camp Foundation.


Though I have thrown a number of events over the past several years, I can honestly say this was one of my favorites.  With most of vitaminTHICK’s endeavors, we try to include details and activities that allow people to embody what our brand is built upon: the nostalgia for our childhoods.  Obviously, a “field day for grown ups” is inherently child-like, but the organic nature through which attendees simply picked up various balls and cones and initiated their own games with people they just met created an incredibly authentic “recess” feel… It was simply amazing! That type of stuff gets me every time.

Enjoy the video! (Zach from Simple Works Films KILLED the videography!)

If you were unable to attend but still want to support the cause, head over to our webstore to purchase the official event T shirt.

All of the proceeds go towards the Wildflower Camp Foundation.

(Please believe we are running this again in the Spring.)

vitaminTHICK Presents Schoolyard Sessions: A Field Day for Grown Ups from vitaminTHICK on Vimeo.




September 13th, 2012



September 10th, 2012


Remember when four-square simply required a ball and some chalk and had nothing to do with checking in anywhere on your smartphone?

On Saturday, September 22nd, local progressive street fashion brand vitaminTHICK will be hosting Schoolyard Sessions: A Field Day for Grown Ups. Proceeds from the event will support The Wildflower Camp Foundation, a nonprofit that provides summer camp scholarships to children who have lost a parent.

Attendees will channel their inner child as they take part in schoolyard staples such as capture the flag, relay races, four-square and more.

vitaminTHICK founder Elliott Curtis expanded on the inspiration for the event, “With our brand being a dedication to the positive energy of childhood, we hope to celebrate the fond memories of camp and recess by organizing a fun filled day of nostalgic activities, competition, and live music, all while benefiting an amazing cause that helps kids experience that joy we now love to reminisce about as twenty-somethings.”

Some of the area’s finest DJs will be spinning the soundtrack to the event, including DJ Goulet (hip hop/soul/eclectic), Thaddeus Jeffries (hip hop/funk/house), and Area6 (electronic/house). Providing snacks, refreshments, and goodies for participants will include Num Yum frozen greek yogurt, Vita Coco and Reebok.

The latter half of the event will include performances by up and comers Brey Quick, a progressive hip hop artist and producer out of North Carolina, and Clynton Cox, a multi faceted soul singer and songwriter from New York City.

“Our goal is to provide a sense of normalcy for kids who have experienced a major loss in their lives,” said Reed Juckett, Director of Marketing for the Wildflower Camp Foundation, “and summer camp is a great place to do that. This event really meshes well with our mission and it’s great to see such enthusiastic support from the young adults of Boston and Cambridge. They can really appreciate the importance of summer camp and what we provide for our campers, so it’s a really natural fit for everyone involved.”

Schoolyard Sessions: A Field Day for Grown Ups will take place from 3:00 to 7:00 PM on Saturday, Septmber 22nd at the scenic DCR North Point Park in Cambridge, MA, located just a short walk from the Science Park stop on the MBTA Green Line.

To register for the event, visit www.schoolyardsessions.eventbrite.com. With a $10 donation attendees will gain access to the activities and receive an exclusive vitaminTHICK t shirt.

See you there!



August 27th, 2012

There was skill.  There was drama. There was victory. There was defeat.

Shoot, all we were missing was Bob Costas or else you would have sworn you were in London!

2012 vitaminTHICK Olympics from vitaminTHICK on Vimeo.

Thanks to all who attended and competed!
The vT Olympics were a tremendous success… see you in two years for the next Games!